⚘ 2022 ⚘



Hi folks! Hope you enjoyed partaking in all of the “humbuggery” that the holidays had to offer, and happy new year! May your nectar stash be full to the brim and may it be shared with many a hungry hummer.

Here sits Hummerneezer atop his riches of nectar, not allowing a single sip to be shared— even on Xmas:

**Hummerneezer Scrooge**

We wonder if he’ll be able to tolerate the company of Santa Caws and Kris Krin-Gull

This print is the 3rd in a series of punny holiday bird cards that Seán and I collaborated on. This time we designed the image on the tablet, transferred it over to a mini Gocco printer (similar to silkscreen), made a batch of hand-pressed prints and coloured them in with pencils.

Here are the credits:

Idea seed: Seán's brother André came up with the idea while visiting last year, and we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of it! Concept & design: Seán did a thumbnail concept sketch, thought up his name, and had lots of useful design ideas and advice along the way. Illustration: I drew it on our digital Wacom tablet, with many different tries at Hummerneezer— it was so tricky to capture his Scrooginess! Model & inspiration: Our resident grumpy male Anna’s hummingbird—now known as Hummerneezer—is the feistiest, Scroogiest nectar-guzzling hummer around.

See more photos (including a needle-felted hummerneezer!) and read more about the process on the original Patreon post!