⚘ 2021 ⚘


Happy Gullidays from Kris Krin-gull!

**Kris Krin-gull** “Merry Chipsmas to all, and to all a good bite!”

Well, well, what do we have here? It looks like Santa Caws had some stiff competition this year!

Seán came up with this perfectly g(ul)lorious concept while I was obsessively pondering gull-puns aloud one day, and I just had to draw it. You can see my one and only sketch in the 2nd image (see post), and you'll notice that the final digital version isn't much different from it! I liked the gull's friendly-yet-crazed facial expression in the sketch so I just stuck with it. Then I fattened him up a bit, gave him a questionably necessary belt (fashion over function!), tweaked the fry-sack shape, and added a joyful sprinkling of a few mangled ground-fries.

Read the full story and see the process pictures on my Patreon post!