Bakery Signage Journey

I've been working away on secret Xmas gifts this month, so in lieu of spoiling surprises I thought to share a couple of sign-painting commissions I completed earlier this month.

From sketch to finished sign

The setup: My friend opened a new bakery/cafe and had someone chalk-paint a few signs, only to realize upon their completion that there was way too much information crammed onto the small boards, and that they needed to be simplified. However, the person who did them had gone out of the country for a few months so they weren't there to re-do them.
Enter: me; unawares, just checking out the cafe opening, when my friend took down the signs upon seeing me and asked if I could please simplify and redo them. Ok, I said, I should have a few spare hours this week to do these up...

The result: An unforeseen 14 hours of work later, I returned the newly designed and painted signage.

The challenges & lessons learned: Read about my process and see the other signage in the original post on my Patreon page!