POSCA Paint Practice – Perchers & 'peckers

With the unseasonably warm temperatures this week, the bird bath has been busy with hot & thirsty feathered friends splashing vigorously and gulping down beakfuls.

Speaking of feathered friends, here are some relevant paintings!

flicker An “intergrade” Northern Flicker at the bath.

I recently received a whole wack of colours of POSCA paint markers as a gift from my mum, and was eager to try out the new selection. I sifted through some of my bird photos and chose a few attractive woodpeckers and a robin to model for me.

Read more and see all of the paintings on the original Patreon post.  

  Kinesthetic Plunking

I recently bought a used hybrid nylon-string guitar (one with a lighter body and narrower neck for smaller hands like mine)!

Kinesthetic memory never ceases to amaze me: while I was testing it out at the shop, my guitar-brain magically began thawing after a dozen years in the cryogenic freezer. After about one minute of awkward playing, everything came rushing back and I was able to remember everything from where I left off (when I was about 19 and playing more regularly).  

So, just for fun, here's a little phone-recording of me running through a handful of tune-bits from my memories of guitar past a couple of days after acquiring the new axe. My dad taught me all of these tunes when I was a teenager, except for the last one, which I made up during my first year at art college.

Read more and see all of the paintings on the original Patreon post.