Homage to an Ecovert

Hi folks, hope you're fairing well!

For Seán's birthday last month I wanted to make some sentimental thing to acknowledge the countless hours of hard work, observation and research he puts into caring for the plants, animals, birds, gastropods, insects, reptiles and others on the Hill where we live.

Since the flora and fauna benefit from his care, I figured they would extend their thanks in words if they could. Instead they thank us by sharing their presence, producing or feeding on nectar, dazzling us with their colours, textures and scents, delighting us with their bird-bath antics, and allowing us to get awe-inspiring glimpses into their unique lives.

So, here's the homage I came up with!

Featured creatures: Anna's and rufous hummingbirds, bumble bee, swallowtail butterfly, woodland skippers, American robin, dark eyed junco, pacific banana slug, garter snake, worm, house spider, ants and a ladybug.

Featured flora/fungi: woolly sunflowers, harebells, Nootka rose, red-flowering currant, orange honeysuckle, garry oak leaves and unidentified mushrooms.

Read about the whole process and see initial sketches on the original Patreon post!