New Single: Robin's Sing-Along!

Hi folks! Last weekend I celebrated Migratory Bird Day by sharing this collaboration I did with a “turdus migratorius”, AKA American robin. I hope you’ll sink in and enjoy the sonic birdscape and piano tune:

Though there is emphasis on the American robin's song/calls, the song also features American crows, dark-eyed juncos and steller's jays. The birds were compensated with fresh bath water, peanuts and plenty of leaf litter to scrounge around in for insects and worms :)

Feel free to share the bandcamp link with anyone who you think may enjoy it. I've also added a merch item for the first time on bandcamp— a discounted giclée print of my fluffed robin painting, which comes with a free download of the robin song!

Yay birds, Kate

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