Bird-Friendly Window Art Challenge

Hey folks! Hope you're keeping well & hydrated this summer ~ โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ‰

I spent a few days this month working on a fun art contest project prompted by Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary. They put a call out for any creative bird-loving people to submit art to be put on the outside of their window to prevent bird collisions. One person will be chosen next month and receive a โ€œbird-friendly nature kitโ€โ€”of course I had to apply!

My art submission (with transparent background)

One challenge in designing this specific type of window art is that, in order to be effective, there can't be any spaces more than 2 inches apartโ€”birds are able to fly through some amazingly small spots!

Here's a tiled version I made to cover more area, with a dark background so you can see all of the space-filler doodles & dots:

You'll see that I recycled almost all of the creatures from last month's art into this piece to save time, and added some mushrooms and a red-flowering currant to fill out the remaining panels. I also played around some more with my new-favourite mirroring tool to make the symmetrical frames and blue doodlies. It was fun!

Read more and see the initial sketches on the original Patreon post!